Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fun Fact: I'm On Medium

Is it weird that I kind of want this Fun Fact to be true? I mean, not really, but a little? So I can blurt it out in lieu of small talk? I don't know, yes. That's fucked up.
I'm fucked up. Anyway, I posted a story over on Medium today. Pretty please come visit me over there.



Anonymous said...

Hang on, I have one, uh, the average American, um, a potato chip contains....hang on, it's coming to me.... anyway, I loved your story (Happy emotiji )

Aaron Grover said...

I also told my wife a while back that if somebody told me "Eat shit once a day for a year, then your MS will be cured!", I would do it. Thankfully, there was another option.

Anonymous said...

Aaron: Would that include adding Ranch Dressing or French Onion Dip?