Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Because I Am a Lover of Words. But Mostly Because Inside I Am a 12 Year Old Boy.

Granted I am no epicurean (and wasn't even epicurious in college), but really? Chingalingas? Are you trying to make me say the word cunnilingus while out to dinner with my in-laws?

This is what I do know: Chinga basically translates to fuck in Spanish. When you squish that together with lingas which is a derivation of the Latin word for tongue you get tongue fucker. Come on people! Tell me you don't get tongue fucker!

p.s. I opted for the flautas.
p.p.s. This is probably why I don't get invited out to dinner more often.


Kwana said...

Yeah I see it too. But the chicken and the onions sound so good. That's a tough one.

sunshine said...

LOL! Never hear of "Chingalingas" before, that is very weird. I've hear of "Chimichangas" or even "Chilaquiles".

I am glad you went for the flautas, I would have to!

Richie Designs said...

hummm that's curious!

nell said...

hi! i stumbled upon your blog by chance.. and i must say i love your direct sense of humour! really carved a smile to my usual charcoal black monday mood..


and keep inspiring

and oh! congratulations on the newborn.. your kids are lovely!!!

Maggie said...

come baaaack!

ItsAllAboutTheRamen said...


ohnomyboots said...

At least your depravity is somehow entwined with a knowledge of Spanish AND Latin. I couldn't help but immediately see "Crispy corn tortillas filled with your cream." Gross and nothing impressive about it.

Congratulations on your little burrito!