Wednesday, July 28, 2010

(An Irregular) Ode on Noah's Bagels

Oh baby can't you see
I like to feel the passion to the point of no return
Oh baby, I will be in full reaction It is Tuesday, noon at Noah's Bagels in the Financial District.
I do not understand the haircut of the woman in front of me
The wedge or why it does that;
Why this place has posters of The Cotton Club
Images of vintage New York when they only have stores
In California, Oregon and Washington.

One city transposed over another, a time
A culture. Shmears and Nosh Cards,
I think I am offended
Though I could just be lonely
Or bored. The Asian woman at the next table
Keening back and forth, back and forth
While she eats her lox. Nobody looks up.
(If she were a guy I'd be afraid she was masturbating
But everyone knows Asian women don't
Jack off to Signature Sandwiches.)

Me with my Asiago Bagel Dog--
Reminds me of Center Market when I was little
How I'd tape my nose up
And walk down the street to buy a bagel dog
In the summer, because I could.
Here there is no Wifi, Just Expose
You're taking me to the point of no return
You're taking me to the point of no return
You're taking me to the point of no return.


anita @ a dreamer's den said...

i sat across from a guy on the london tube who was jerking off with a newspaper over his lap.
he was staring at me, but not really.
by the time i figured out what was going on, it was my stop; I sprinted off the train.

Halie said...

Great piece!!! And if the lox is good enough, I think anyone could jerk off to a signature sandwich.

krista said...

is this really something that happens? random public masturbation? granted, your bagel lady wasn't but the london tube guy was (that just doesn't sound right, does it?) and now i just know i'm going to be eyeing people suspiciously and wondering what the hell would be so erotic about pleasuring yourself in front of other people? already i think i've spent far too much time on other people's pleasure.