Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Schick Bick Bo Bick, Banana Fana Fo Fick, Fee Fi Fo Fick, Schi-ick!

Um, so, yeeaaah. I don't want to point a gun at you two days in a row, so here's this:
I dunno. It makes me happy? Even if she did die of anal cancer? She had super pretty hair and I kind of want that Speed Styler even though I never ever use a blow dryer myself?

But really I just want to look at something else right now. And this here is something else.

Yours in T-Minus 12 days 'til Daylight Savings,


Cindy said...

My grandma had one of these in the 70s. It did not make me look like Farrah Fawcett. Darn it.


Black Dog Salvage said...

how did i possibly miss this fantastic product growing up? i LOVED her shampoo!!! i bet if they came out with it again, it would be a huge hit :) happy tuesday!

jennifer said...

great AD!!
my doc told me that it began as cervical cancer then spread to the other areas before they caught it ?
either way, :(

ZDub said...

I wish I knew how to blow dry properly.

I kinda wish I went to beauty school.

Richie Designs said...

we all wanted her hair. she was "hair"

Kwana said...

She did have pretty hair.

benson said...

I practiced her smile (and yes; I have it...ridiculous at times when all you can see are teeth in a picture) but loved her hair and red swimsuit...first girl crush.

Kacey said...

I dont know about you but it seems like we are just losing alot of good people lately,you cant watch tv or news,internet etc.and not see someone else has passed.Or has it always been like this and I just never noticed?K

Anonymous said...

cancer of the anal kind is funny? you should know better at your age and with your intellect.

Petunia Face said...


I have a dark sense of humor, so yes, in some ways anal cancer is funny. If I had anal cancer (knock on wood, throwing salt over my shoulder, all that hoodoo voodoo), then you better believe I would make fun of it. As well as cry and mourn and rail at it.

The word "anal" is absurd. "Cancer" is not far behind.

Cancer in and of itself is not funny. Suffering is not funny. Losing people you love? Not funny. There are so many, many things that are not funny that I laugh at not to be cruel, but because it helps me to live with them.

It would seem that we have not only a very different sense of humor, but also a very different sense of life. I hope this explanation helped you understand mine just a wee bit better.


Anonymous said...

From Jackie Chan Look-alike:
Laughter of this type seems to me to be an absolute healthy and sane response. Laughter is healing and as the lady said, it helps us live with the unliveable. For me,sometimes it a choice of laughter or terror, dread and obessesion. Usually I choose the latter.

Shelly said...

You really never use a blow dryer??? I'm insanely jealous. You're posts are great, btw!