Friday, February 6, 2015

Day +24 The Soft Launch of Susannah M.

I realize the title of this post sounds a little porn-y, but no. More like I am home(ish), as in that whole slow rise to the climax (again, porn) of me going home had a wee bit of a plot twist and I am now not home but in a residential hotel 6 miles away.

It went down like this: the night I left Tel Aviv, Bryan told me that Ozzy was sick. 3 year old sick, which means that no matter how many times you remind him to cough and sneeze into his elbow there's a my bad/diverting you with cute! look, and also the snot factor, a fine layer of it all over him like a homeopathic face mask. Plus Bryan was stuffy. Scratchy. And his parents are sick, too, so I couldn't stay with them. Which meant that right before I left Tel Aviv I made reservations at the only place near home that also has kitchens, since I have to prepare my own food for awhile, and then I maybe cried a little. Ok, a lot. A lot a lot. Then felt like kicking the shit out of that whole turning Why Me? into Try Me! because seriously? I have had enough. Deep sigh me.
So last night I came "home" to this residential hotel that makes me feel like I am in a bad Jennifer Lopez/Julia Roberts movie, you know, one of those movies in which they don't look like they're wearing a lot of makeup but you know they really are, and women go see it on a Girls' Night Out? Like I'm on the lam from a terrible ex or something, except when I got up this morning I could see the parking lot is full of Ford F350s with lumber racks, so maybe the clientele is more construction workers on the job at huge houses in Belvedere? I don't know. 

All I know is that Zoey slept here with me last night, and oh, how it was glorious! The bestest slumber party 4eva, Minecraft and braiding each other's hair (a one-sided activity at this point in time), cuddling, talking late into the night (9pm), until she woke up with a stuffy nose and tried claiming it was just from laying down. Fuck. So I am here for who knows how much longer--hopefully Sunday--but I guess the only thing I do know for certain is I am not in control.

In other news, it's raining, hard. Which, re: still not in control, but I will say I am happy it's raining. And that all the channels are in English. I am happy that I can read the product packaging, that the milk tastes like I am used to it tasting, that the tangerines are easy to peel; I am happy that 44 miles away in either direction there is no gunfire, but most of all that I'm no longer 7,387 miles away from home but 6. Just 6. For now, I can do 6.



Aaron Grover said...

Stay in a hotel as long as you need too. I recently caught a cold (day +75-ish), and it took all my exercise gains away. Just recovering now, 2+ weeks later. I got cocky, and I paid for it.

Mr. X said...

Most of the time, I try to offer something positive to consider. You know, the 'silver lining' and all...

But, in this case, it just sucks giant, Schweddy Balls.

I'm definitely glad you're mostly home.

Nancy Fastenau, Fastenau and Associates said...

Can I bring you anything? We are not sick at all. We'll be home all weekend and at your disposal. I bake a mean cupcake.

Anonymous said...

Oh they are so close, yet so far. With Nadir's prescription you'll have to have sex 3 times a day to catch up.
Here is hoping to a speedy recovery for all of your family.
Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Let us Bay Area folk bring you things! You have my email. GO! (for reals though.)

Cathi said...

Glad you are very close to home. Hoping your family heals quickly so that you all can be together again.

Anonymous said...

If we lived in SF, we would have you staying with us! We love you and are so glad you are back in the good 'ole US of A! Now back to life and love :)
-that boys cousin (Wendie)

e.gray said...

I'm just catching up after a few weeks of not checking in...
I'm a long-time reader. I think the first post I read was when you heard a woman screaming nearby and struggled with what to do. I think that was like five or six years ago...
I loved your words and empathy and worry.
I've read pretty much everything since, so I'm one of those people, unknown to you, who has been reading your blog about your life, your husband, kids, mom, MS, etc. I read because I relate and love your snarkiness and sharpness and I like you or the thought of you or think we'd make good friends or something.
Anywhoo. Your strength these past few weeks has astounded me. And I mean real strength. Strength that whines and looks at "what the fuck can make a bald head look classy" and compares her shit to Anne Frank stuck in her annex because what sucks, sucks. There's "always" something worse to compare our own struggle with. That doesn't make it less of a struggle.
So, from a stranger or whatever I am, I'm so glad you're home and soon get to hug and get to kiss all those faces you've been missing.
If I lived in CA, I'd bring you a bottle of wine and convince you that we'd make really good pals. My four and a half year old Eliza would truly dig your boy.
Plus, they both have z's in their names. That's pretty awesome.
Warm thoughts from St. Louis, Missouri.

Gretchen said...

It's Monday and I hope by now you are home and caught in such a big hug, you can't update. That's what I'm pretending.

If not, I'm just so sorry. Your Lifetime Movie of the Week hotel is better than being on the other side of the planet, but still. Home.