Tuesday, January 3, 2012

And Just Like That! It Was January.

Do you care that I resolve to drink more water in 2012? Be more affectionate with my husband? Save money, get Ozzy to sleep in his crib, sail? Cause I hardly do and I'm me.

I do not much care for January. A cold month known more for what it is not--the holidays, spring, awesome--than for what it is. Incidentally, I think of the word "socks" whenever I hear the phrase "it is what it is" because I once thought the phrase in Spanish "es lo si que es" was pronounced as one would spell out the word "socks," s, o, c, k, s, until my Colombian friend told me it was actually pronounced "sahla-esquilalah-sexy," or something that sounded nothing like what I thought it did. I also think I've told you that story before which is apropos of January, a month made of stories you realize you've already told halfway through the telling. Socks, I say.

But I know I've not told you this: tonight on the bus I had the indescribable urge to pinch the woman sitting next to me. Hard. She sat down while talking on her phone, saying loudly that she was getting sick, had a sore throat, hack hack, fuck, sniffle, jabber jabber, phlegm, blah. So I squeezed my eyes shut and tried very hard not to breathe her in for 9 miles, thinking that surely closing my eyes accounted for something seeing as how they're mucous membranes and all. Also? When you think to yourself do not touch your face, whatever you do, just don't touch your face, suddenly your nose will itch and your lips will actually kind of quiver.

I am not good at public transportation. Or January. Or speaking Spanish.
28 days until February.

"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer."

Camus & Susannah


Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, I care.

Otherwise, I would select one of the other 181,528,983 blogs in existence.[1]

However, why bother?

Aside from you and ZDub[2], the other 181,528,982 blogs would be like reading about the 1975 AMC Pacer[3].

You have a gift for being able to accurately capture the thoughts and feelings of the average person and translate them into beautiful prose.

Many times, I find myself nodding in agreement, as if to say "Hell yeah, I know exactly what you mean!" However, until you wrote it, I didn’t know it.

You remind us of the common threads that tie us together. You are us and we are you.

Happy Almost February!

[1] www.blogpulse.com
[2] www.raisingcolorado.com
[3] www.oldcarbrochures.org/index.php/NA/AMC/1975_AMC/1975_Pacer_Brochure

Michelle M in KY said...

Yeah...what Anonymous said!

Cindy W. said...

Amen, sister. To you and to Anonymous. xo

Cindy W. said...

Amen, sister. To you and to Anonymous. xo