Thursday, July 30, 2015

Will Be

It occurred to me today that my mom would have loved to talk about Caitlyn Jenner with me. Hours of convo right there, and it made me sad that my mom never got to know that Bruce Jenner was really a woman inside.

There are other things she will never know. That I have (had?) MS. What I look like with a pixie cut. She will never know that # is a hashtag and not the number symbol, she will never hear the song, "Happy."
This is not to say that I spend a lot of time brooding over my mom. I don't really, or I do, but I don't. It's just a shock sometimes when I realize she is still gone and that Bruce is now Caitlyn.

Of course it also occurred to me today that I have a dad who is one of my best friends. I have a husband that I geniunely like, kids & in-laws that I love. I am lucky in seventeen hundred ways and only unlucky in sixteen hundred and ninety-nine. Down 7, up 8. But who's counting?

Halloween is only 3 months away, something I also realized today when I looked at the calendar. My friend, Penny, who is a goddamn Halloween genius told me I simply must incorporate my hair into my costume, and I have to agree. I anticipate reaching Cosmo Kramer by then, maybe Al Sharpton, something with loft and fluff, definite inexplicable curl, Patrick Dempsey in Can't Buy Me Love, a poodle, a cone of cotton candy, a chia pet, a dandelion, close your eyes and make a...

What? I welcome all suggestions in the comments below.



Anonymous said...

In time you'll get over the pain, the void never leaves though. My mom's heart is giving out slowly and the phone call can come at any moment, so I am sitting on edge, treasure the time we still have, but I don't even want to imagine how it will be
without her. Not now, not ever!
Halloween preparation sounds just right....I think I start with the candy!

Jules said...

A Nagel print. You must be a Nagel print.

Petunia Face said...

OH MY GOD! Jules! That is genius. A Nagel print. A friend of mine on FB also suggested Prince, and he is my spirit animal. But a Nagel! That is perfection!

Meredith said...

I am so sad I won't be here to see what you come up pictures!

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to go as a Viking beaver/Disney Princess. questions. (Strange emotiji ) P.S., it may not be easy, but you're gonna get through this.

Anonymous said...

I keep seeing you as Jesus, in The Big Lebowski!! Just think.. a hair net, purple jumpsuit, bowling bag to help ease your kids candy load?? Or you could do John Turturro Barton and Fink... round glasses, little plastic mosquito stuck to your forehead (skin friendly glue of course, any other and that sh!t will be stuck for a week.)

Anonymous said...

Why do I keep hearing the theme to "The Andy Griffith Show"?