Monday, April 13, 2015

To Drive Life Into A Corner: Spring Break

Despite the fact that I have always been more camp than camping, we are going to Yosemite for Spring Break. And by "camping," I mean we will be staying in a lodge because dirt and air-borne pathogens, plus dirt and dirt. But off we go! Yay camping!
Not sure if I am including this photo because I love my cute new dress, because Grumpy Cat is my spirit animal, or just that I am a total pussy when it comes to camping...probably all of the above. Anyway, I am going to confess something really cringe-y embarrassing right now, k?

I started following Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid on Instagram.

Seriously. Don't look at me! I am a 42 year old mom who subscribes to photos of 20 year old models because I, too, want to be wearing body jewelry at Coachella. Taut tanned skin! Long, beachy hair! My hair is almost a quarter of an inch now, by the way. Quarter of a goddamned inch.

Of course I am not going to Coachella because dirt + crowds + 42 ÷ by the square root of aw hell no. I am going camping. To the woods. To live deliberately, just like Thoreau who went to the woods because he wished to front only the essentials of life, and not, when he came to die, to discover that he had not lived. Plus there's that whole part about sucking out the marrow of life, which I've always read in the voice of Sir Anthony Hopkins à la Silence of the Lambs. I do love me some Thoreau. Also apparently photos of lithe young models more beautiful than I ever was 20 years ago, but that's only because Thoreau is not on Instagram.

But I am. So this week expect me to Instagram some pics of myself not wearing body jewelry but a decidedly sexless Patagonia fleece. And a smile.

Happy Spring Break to you & yours.


Cathi said...

Staying in a lodge is my kind of camping especially at Yosemite! The last time I camped there many moons ago, a baby bear was ransacking our campsite right in front of me and my friend. it's such a beautiful place to spend a few days though! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to quickly say I am so happy you are blogging still and still have that same great wit-Im sorry for what your going through right now. But your attitude will make all the difference. Keep going and keep blogging because all of us are still reading and laughing with you.. Personal favourite was the entry was way back about your mom trying acid- God i laughed so hard!

Anonymous said...

That dress is adorable!! Have fun camping, and we'll all look forward to hearing from you upon your return!
(with lots of pics, hopefully)
- Sharon M

Nancy Fastenau said...

Looking forward to the pictures! Susannah "roughing" it. That could be like a model on Instagram, right?