Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Day +21 You Know I'm A Dreamer

Guess who's going home? I mean, other than John from Toledo, Ohio. Because I am sure there is a man named John from Toledo, Ohio who is also going home from somewhere, in which case, cheers John! I'm going home, too!
Not my home but a beautiful ancient building in Jaffa.
Not today, not tomorrow but the next day. And I can handle that, not today not tomorrow but the next day, a litany to run through my fingers in prayer. I got the green light this morning so we changed our tickets and leave at the crack of finally on Thursday, connecting through Zurich so I can practice my French during our 4 hour layover. Although merde, I just remembered they sprechen sie Deutsche in Zurich, so tant pis for me. I am just so happy in all of the languages.

I'm going home!
Which is not a moment too soon because, frankly, I think my dad is getting a leeeetle cranky. Like radio too loud in the cab cranky. People stepping into the elevator before we step out cranky. A mosaic of strange smells in the hallway cranky. The kind of cranky that makes him look at people like a hawk, sharp, cutting, quick. Crank. Eee.
Truth be told, I'm cranky, too. But not as cranky as the woman who works at the grocery store who, when my dad began to ask her a question, swatted him away while saying, I know nothing! People here have a lock on crank, and that's coming from someone with an ancestry rich in ornery.

There are things I won't miss about Tel Aviv. The cars constantly honking their horns, Israeli soldiers on the streets with semi-automatic weapons, not being able to read product packaging, the commercial with Alec Baldwin that's always on tv, the one with him licking the ice cream cone, the tension between the Jews and the Arabs, the fear of violence, not being able to understand why, the alone. But then there are things that I will miss. The beauty of street signs in both Hebrew and Arabic. The colors of Jaffa, the sound of the call to prayer. Samira, Ashraf and Naveat; I will miss Hussein returning from his vacation in Thailand. I will even miss Nadir, sweet, horrible rude Nadir, who I have actually grown to really like.
So there is that, but there is also this song that has been stuck in my head since this morning when I found out. Over and over and over...while I have never been a huge fan of Mötley Crüe, I am on my way, (I'm on my waaay! *bangs head and bares tits with a shout out to Nadir*), home sweet home.


Moses Domingo said...


Good Enough Woman said...

I saw Motley Crue in concert (a couple of times) and was a total fan in high school, so I caught your reference in the title of your post. So glad you are coming home! I am very happy for you.

You had to run away high, so you wouldn't come home low. (Not sure it makes sense, but I felt the need to quote the song some more.)

kerwin said...

ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Goosebumps! I am so thrilled for you!

So, don't go to Disneyland.

And what does this mean, medically? Like, are you officially ok? Will it be a while before it's official? what's next?

Petunia Face said...

Thank you guys. So exited!

Although I am far from being ok, medically. I have to pretty much stay in my house for a month when I get home, and then be hyper aware of germs, bathe in antibacterial gel, etc. My immune system won't be strong for about a year.

melissa said...

i've been reading and watching and praying for you every single day of this journey. i'm giddy for you...what a homecoming it shall be!

you are a brave, beautiful, strong soul.

GB said...

I'm so happy for you and your family!!!! What a crazy adventure you have been on. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. Your photos, stories and updates have been amazing

Cathi said...

I'm so happy for you!!!!

Nancy Fastenau said...


Anonymous said...

Perfect song to mark your way home.
Congratulations!! You did it and you did it with dignity, class and humor - way to go, Susannah!!

Get some good chocolate in Zuerich, you're probably delayed anyway, they always have delays in Zuerich.

I am so excited for you and for your family. <3

Kelly said...

So insanely happy for you, as if you were my own family member! Have been following your story as a long-time blog reader, and think you are the bravest, most inspiring and admirable human. You have a lucky family, thank you for letting all of us share in your journey!

Kira said...

What wonderful news! Thursday will be here before you know it. So will being home in your own bed with your own pillow, surrounded by Bryan, Zoey, and Ozzy. We're all in awe at what you're doing and how much of a fighter you are. I'm so happy for you that I'm getting teary while smiling and writing this to you. Susannah's coming home!!! :)

Bearden 365 said...

So so happy you get to go home and squeeze your babies and your man!

Mr. X said...


Would Nadir provide you with an oxygen tank to use on the plane, so you could breath better air?

Also, if you don't mind my asking, do they have any dietary pointers on things to help/boost your immune system? (Selfish question, because it seems mine is having issues.)

Anyway, I'm truly happy about your news and I'm proud our your courage -- not only to accomplish what you did, but to also display it for the world to view!


Did you pick a song that you will dance to, before you depart Tel Aviv? I still think "Great BALLS! of Fire" would suit you.


Mr. X

Gretchen said...

This song takes me back to high school afternoons watching Dial MTV. I think this song won for a year straight.

beachbungalow8 said...

SO happy for you. Here you are, at that place you mentioned back in December: It's February and you don't have MS. But what you do have is the sketch of what, I hope, will be an incredible novel. That and maje, hero cred. xox