Thursday, January 8, 2015

Room. Alt title: Breathe. Altier title: Already Bored.

I would take more photos to show everyone what Tel Aviv looks like, my room, the other side of my room, maybe the eastern corner of my room, perhaps if things get really crazy--the bathroom, but there is not much to write home about. It's a generic white hotel room, a room that I will be stuck in for the next month, a thought that fills me both with dread and a very small sigh of ok then.

Ok then.
Breathe with me, would you? Inhale as the image above expands; exhale as it contracts. Loosely focus your eyes on the image without concentrating too hard. Go for as long as you feel comfortable and if your breath begins to become out of sync with the image, that's ok. It's all ok, ok?

After all, my only job right now is to just breathe. Inhale, exhale, I can do this. Hell, I am doing this. Today was my 2nd day of Campath administered by an excruciatingly slow drip into my picc line. The Campath has given me a terrible headache and I feel crazy dizzy. A little nauseated, but other than that I am fine so far. Inhale, exhale, it is going to get so much worse.

I have Friday and Saturday "off" which is good because it is Shabbat, and the whole city slows down from just before sunset on Friday until just after sunset on Saturday. Shabbat is a day of rest and spiritual enrichment, and while I know there are a thousand things more important than this, Shabbat means that most stores are closed, many Jewish people do not drive during Shabbat, and turning electrical devices on or off is prohibited as a melakhah. There is even a Shabbat elevator here in the hotel. During Shabbat, this elevator stops automatically at every floor, allowing people to step on and off without having to press any buttons as that would be touching an electrical device. Some Orthodox also hire a "Shabbos goy," a Gentile to perform certain tasks prohibited by Jewish religious law during Shabbat.

Anyway, my dad and I have some wilds plan for Shabbat that include putting together a 15,000 piece jigsaw puzzle and listening to Serial on Podcast. Then Sunday I have my Bone Marrow Aspiration and two days of high dose chemo. Inhale, exhale, that's all I need to do right now.

Wait! I do have one more thing I need to do. Samira, the head nurse at CTCI--she is smart, kind and funny as hell. At our first meeting with me and my dad, she was telling my dad that he does not look 
72, that he is so handsome. I told her that in the States we call that a Silver Fox, and without missing a beat she said it should be Silver Fucks. Needless to say, she is my people. Anyhoo, Samira came up with an idea today that before discharging someone she is going to make them dance with the nursing staff and she will make a video of it. So between now and roughly 30 days from now I need to decide on my song. I'm thinking something bad ass but happy...but not Happy. Suggestions?



Nancy Fastenau said...

Lucky by Mary Chapin Carpenter

Mols O'Dell said...

I Feel Good by James Brown

Anonymous said...

I say American Girl by Tom Petty or Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake. Danceable, kick-assable and completely appropriate.

Mr. X said...

How about...

* Great "BALLS!" of Fire -- Jerry Lee Lewis

Some alternates:

* I'm Alright -- Kenny Loggins (Theme From 'Caddyshack')

* I'm Too Sexy -- Right Said Fred

* Sing, Sing, Sing -- Benny Goodman

* Come Dance With Me -- Francis Albert Sinatra

* Cheek to Cheek -- Francis Albert Sinatra

* In the Mood -- Glenn Miller

* Rock Around The Clock -- Bill Haley & His Comets

Most of my iTunes library is from the 1930s to the 1960s, so Big Band and Swing may not be your thing. But, if you like it, I bet your Dad can show you some moves!

- - - - -

The Tao does nothing,

yet leaves nothing undone.


If rulers could centre themselves in it,

the whole world would be transformed.

People would be content

with their lives and free of desire.

When life is simple,

pretenses fall away;

our essential nature shines through.


When there is no desire,

all things are at peace.

When there is silence,

one finds the anchor of the universe

within oneself.

-- Tao Te Ching, Verse 37

Laurel Wilson said...

In addition to the song you need a feather boa and some wild glasses.. you have now until them to find those in TelAviv!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you sweet Petunia Face. Song I love to dance to is "Hooked on a feeling" by Blue Suede! Even if it's not your song, you will still want to dance with your dad to it!!!

El grecko said...

You Shook me All Night Long

After long consideration of the circumstances, I believe it's the only viable option.

JennyA said...

That is so funny....exactly what I was gonna say. "She was a fast machine, she kept her motor clean, she was the best damn woman that I ever seen!"

Anonymous said...

one of my go-to happy time song is walking on sunshine by katrina and the wave. It reminds of happy times, summer and fun. sending that happy feeling your way!


Ann said...

Just coming out of the shadows here to let you know you have some positive energy coming to you from Argentina as well :)

It had never hit me until now how bad I really really want you to be OK.


Petunia Face said...

Thank you all so very much. You have NO IDEA how much your kind comments mean to me right now.


sara said...

sent on e-mail by accident. i am lame. did you get: Z & S vote "TNT" by ACDC. Savva brings up "Titanium" as close second.
We love you! Thinking of you a lot.
I'll throw The Macarena in if you're still debating.
Regardless, you should have some fun on itunes... xoxox

the lil bee said...

"Juicy" by Biggie. You got this, boo :)