Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Tooth Fairy: An Epistolary Post

Saturday, March 22, 8:01 a.m.
Dear Tooth Fairy,
I was so excited for what I was going to get, I was really hoping for 10 dollars! I tried to lose my tooth, I wiggled it, I flicked it to the top of my mouth, I twisted it and I tried everything, nothing worked and after all that effort all you give me is 2 dollars. Just 8 more dollars please. If you don't accept what I need it's okay, I'm used to being upset. But please don't take away my 2 dollars because then I'll be broke because I only have 6 dollars!

Saturday, March 22, 10:41 p.m.

Dear Zoey,

Thank you for your letter. Not many kids write's nice to hear from you.

I'm sorry to hear that you were disappointed with the $2. The thing is, that particular tooth is worth $2. That's the going rate for the Upper Left Lateral Incisor. Different teeth have different rates. For instance, the first tooth you lose is usually worth much more, which may be why you were expecting more money.

It's important to learn that you need to work for your money, earn it and save it up. If you are simply given money (and toys), then you will not appreciate what you have. Unfortunately, I've seen this happen, not just with kids but with grown-ups, too...if people are given anything and everything they want, they only want more and more, and they forget how to appreciate what they have. Eventually this makes people feel sad, and the last thing I want is for you to feel sad.

Listen--I have been alive for 1700 years, three months and 4 days. I have learned a thing or two watching kids grow up, so let me tell you this: money that you earn, a toy that you save up for? That feels so much better than money or a toy that you get just because you want it. Simply put: happiness is found when you want what you already have (and you have so, so much).

At the same time, I am also proud of you for writing a letter to me, for speaking up for what you think is right. This is an important skill. You won't always get what you are asking for, but I want to encourage you to continue to fight for what you are worth, and I don't just mean this in terms of money because you are worth more than $8, more than $800,000,000, more than any amount of money. You are worth everything, and I love that you felt confident enough to write me. So even though the tooth was only worth $2, I am going to leave you a little more because you had the guts to ask. I won't give you the $8 you are asking for, though, because I want you to earn the rest. Here's an idea: ask your parents what you can do to earn the rest of the money. I am sure that together you will be able to think of something.

Anyway, it's such a pleasure watching you grow up. Me and the other fairies are so proud of you and how well you're taking care of your teeth (although you have to remember to brush before school every day!).

You are amazing.


The Tooth Fairy

p.s.Thanks for the ring. It's too big for my finger but looks great as a belt. I love it!

Sunday, March 23, 8:17 p.m.
Dear You,

Let's just pretend I didn't disappear for a few weeks with no explanation. Because quite frankly the explanation is icky and I don't know how to write about it, if I should at all. Apologies for the vaguery--I do hate me some vaguery--I also hate hearing about dreams, though I do want to point out that teeth falling out is a symbol of anxiety, of losing something, not sure how the Tooth Fairy figures into all of that. Though I will say she is right...happiness is found when you want what you already have, and in that way I am very, very happy.

Missed you.


p.s. Ugh. I'm sorry all. I hate hate hate vague posts, and I ended this with such vaguedouchery. I am fine. My family is fine. The Ick of which I speak has to do with my mom's estate...maybe one day I will be far enough away from it to write about it. Or not, and we'll just talk about kittens.


Anonymous said...

This is so so so wonderful. You are a great mom. xoxo

Elizabeth said...

Oh gosh...Well first, your letter was brilliant, and if I'm guessing correctly about what you're alluding to, I fully understand how frustrating and heartbreaking it is. I'm the executor of my dad's estate, he passed unexpectedly last year, and the hand grabbing and questioning and demands have been so impossible to deal with when all I want to do is curl up in a corner and mourn. I'm so sorry you seem to be going through something similar...I just keep in mind that the most important thing in all of this is to do what I can to maintain my own sanity and bury myself in my husband and daughter, because in the long run those are the only things that really matter.

Petunia Face said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Yes, being the executor sucks--literally, it sucks all the energy from me. And I, too, am trying to hold onto my husband and kids for what really matters.

Hugs to you!

Heidi said...

So sorry for all you are dealing with right now.

Epic Tooth Fairy letter!

krista said...

i'm not sure why...but that letter the tooth fairy wrote? i'm a crazy, teary mess right now.
and my anxiety and stress would like to give yours a nice ass slap for solidarity.

Anonymous said...

Your writing is beautiful, always. Thank you for sharing. Your kids are lucky to know a tooth fairy as caring as that one...
Your writing always reminds me to love my kids as best as I possibly can. Every day.

Jason Dew said...

That's a really wonderful way of articulating your childrens' teeth problems. Haha! Hopefully, you wouldn't have to be relying on the tooth fairy too much, and secure your children with good and affordable dental treatment, which is basically everyone's wish. It is a good wish, and a rather reasonable one at that :)

Jason Dew @ Metro Dental Associates