Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Whiskers on Kittens

As in actual kitten whiskers. Only they're not on a kitten anymore.
When I was a little kid we saved the whiskers of our cats. Momo, Darryl, Wanda, later there was Lily...if we found a whisker on the floor we picked it up and saved it in a small Indian pot. (Feather not Dot.) I have continued this tradition with Kitty and now Nacho. And added a kiss. That is, I pick up the whisker and kiss it before poking it into the pot, taught Zoey to do the same. It's exciting when we find one. Sometimes--not often--I pull out the bunch of them and feel the pointy ends, so sharp and tipped with black. They're touch receptors, you know. Vibrissae, embedded deep into the muscular and nervous systems of a cat like a radar. I think this is why I like them, but maybe not, I don't know.

A study done at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine found that optimism is the top characteristic found in very resilient people. (Worth noting that altruism is second, followed closely by humor.) People with a positive outlook tend to bounce back from adversity quicker and with less lasting effects than those who dwell on the negative. Not to get all Pollyanna, but this is why I have been wearing these pink neon ballet flats lately and looking forward to the new Hosseini book and this book, too. It's been uncharacteristically warm out and when I walk home from the bus stop after work I can smell the daffodils. Hell, I don't even know if daffodils have a smell, but there is that and vanilla lavender body oil and tonight I found a whisker in the cushions of the couch.



Anonymous said...

I've never commented but enjoy your blog. I'm going through chemo now. I go to each session dressed up with lots of jewelry and my finest scarves wrapped as turbans. It helps me feel stronger and makes me a warrior. I will not be a victim!! I wish your mother well and will keep you all in my prayers

jennifer said...

i save them, too. i'll kiss them for you.

Petunia Face said...

Thanks Jennifer.

And Anonymous...sending you strength and courage, although it sounds like you are pretty kick ass to begin with. :) Keeping you in my prayers, as well.