Thursday, August 23, 2012

Totally Not Photoshopped, BTW. I Was Just Having An Off-Day With My Foundation. Also Apparently the Size of My Face.

Seems I forgot to tell you about that one time I was in a hotel room canoodling with Joseph Gordon-Levitt whilst wearing a sheer negligee and ├╝ber-big hair. (Me, not him.) It was adorable how preoccupied with the remote control he was, flipping between Real Housewives of New York and Breaking Bad so that I wouldn't ruin my manicure. If you must know, he smells like books and lemon-flavored bubbly water.
Seems I also forgot to tell you that I work with the raddest bunch of people ever to assemble beneath fluorescent lighting. Five days a week they laugh at my jokes and tell me I have good hair or look tired, listen to me talk about my family, my weekend, smile as I sing 'Til Tuesday off-key. They know how cougar-y I feel about JG-L, how much I love nutella, and that if I were ever on Death Row I would request insalata caprese even though apparently people on Death Row don't get to dictate their last meal anymore. Which is to say that I absolutely love the people I work with for everything Monday through Friday and sometimes beyond Sunday, but also for making me this card for my birthday and showering me with hazelnut spread and mozzarella. You sure know how to make a girl feel special.

I will be on vacation for the next week, busy squeezing out the last of the suntan lotion from the summer and turning 40 while I'm at it. Though I might check in from somewhere on the road.



Anonymous said...

Have a spectacular Birthday! Sounds like you have a pretty good start with the important things...such as an awesome family, a job you enjoy, COWORKERS you not only get along with but ALSO love you and know what you like, don't like and are honest. Sounds to me like you are heading into a very good year :) Enjoy and thanks for being real with your posts, REALLY funny and well...REAL. :)

Jules said...

Yay! 40. Tell me how you like it. I'm up in November.

Happy Birthday. :)

Michelle M in KY said...

I hope that you have a Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday! 40 isn't so bad! I am 14 days into 41 and so far it isn't too bad either. Hope you have a wonderful vacation!