Sunday, September 25, 2011


He was feeling all good about himself, wearing his kick ass Superman onesie while hanging out with the big girls during a playdate at our house, a fresh smear of Eucarin on his butt. You know how it is.
So I left him there for one second, that fateful one second that all mothers know. And when I returned this is what I found.
One day, and one day soon, Zoey will pay for this, I am sure. In the meantime, let's all point and laugh because ohmygodOzzyisthecutestlittleSuperRapunzelbabynomnomIlovehimso.


sunshine said...

Hilarious! He actually looks good as a blond, I am sure you will take advantage of those photos, as a secret weapon during his teenage years!!!!

Heidi said...

Super Cute!

Geli said...

OMG!!!!! Zoey knew that with a costume like this, Ozzy will be a mega candy machine on Halloween!

Erin said...

Too funny. He looks like Zoey in that wig!