Thursday, June 24, 2010


If today had a name other than Thursday it would be called Don. Just Don. Nothing fancy, just there, minding its own business. I think this day named Don would probably be standing in line, for what exactly, I don't know. That is not important. What is important is that Don needs a little ald, maybe a little nie... something extra maybe. Don needs to cut in line because this day kinda' sucks.

Let's help Don out, shall we? Howza 'bout some rainbow jello? Nothing says kick it up a notch like rainbow jello. I think I'm going to attempt this gelatin strata this weekend.
No? Too safe? Too jiggly? Too sweet? Then how about this still from our dear friends at The Maury Povich Show.
I don't know about Don, but I just hate when I find a tooth in my house that Bryan can't explain.

Mmmkay, grasping here. That's what Don will do to a girl. There's this, then. This umbrella. I have been looking for a clear bubble umbrella forever and June-be-damned I am totally ordering this thing and standing under the sprinklers. Anyone care to join me?
Fine, then this. This is genuis! Well, for a day named Don anyway. An upstanding toothbrush that incorporates a weight within its rounded handle base to keep the bristles away from dirty surfaces, i.e. why-didn't-I-think-of-this-what-with-my-love-of-weeble-wobbles-and-all.
Don seems like a day that would be excited by a new toothbrush but here's a sexy dress for grins and giggles. You like? Should I buy? Possible Reunion frock with a cute pair of gold sandals, or no because my skin is more of a razor-burnished white splotch and thus should not be so exposed? Just wondering.
That's it, kids. That's all I got for this Don. Which, by the way, I just looked up the name and it's Old English for World Leader, so yeah.

Tomorrow is Friday which is totally a guy named Keith. I think he drives a Trans-Am.


Scribe said...

My brother's name is Don and he WAS standing in line when they were giving out rhythm and the not-so-colour blind eyes. Oh, and he's tone-deaf. So Thursday should be Don. Not quite Keith and the Trans-Am but a tone-deaf, colour-blind artist with two left feet. Yeah, Don rocks.

The Lil Bee said...

You effing kill me! You...Don!! I think that dress would look cute for your reunion. With some dangly gold earrings or something. Do it up, Sus, do it up.

Richie Designs said...

I'm in with you on the bubble umbrella! haven't had one of those since I was a kid

Ciara Obscura said...

My Don started out drab, but is now looking up... thanks to that clear umbrella and that damned home wrecking whore tooth.
I expect the sun to come out any second now.

Anonymous said...

Can Arica explain what happened to her eyebrows?? Love the dress!

wonderchris said...

Keith has feathered hair.

Oh,and my bubble umbrella was the coolest - rain or shine!!

ZDub said...

My FIL is named Don and the is the opposite of anything awesome.

Buy that dress immediately.

Oh Brother! said...

And Wed. is named "Bob" because it's the nothing boring middle day that's the same boring middle name no matter which way you spell it.


Up Mama's Wall said...

I'm thinking a little sexier for the reunion. I'm just saying...

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

Dear Don *wink*
Just discovered your blog and still smiling from this post! I appreciate your rockin sense of humor--totally loving how you right--and mark my words--I'll be back!


HunDuddle Hussy said...

random tooth lasy must use the same eyebrow stencil as me.