Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Post-Surgery, Pre-Chalupa, Post-Jayne, Pre-Cancerous & Pretty Please Ciara Obscura

So enough about html and my bum bum. I mean, a weekend spent precariously perched on just one butt cheek is a hoot and all, but (!) there are only so many jokes to be made in regards to internal stitches before people start lalalalalala-ing over the sound of your voice, before they start texting you to please stop sending me pics of your ass! And by the way, the 48 hours are up--you're allowed to take a shower now. Happy Tuesday! I have been waiting and waiting to post this rad photo of a guy offering up some Taco Bell and something tells me the time is right. Not quite sure why I adore it so: is it the swoopy yellow logo? The bowl cut? The horribly clueless racist overtones of the mock black 'stache on the blond surfer kid?

And while we're on the subject of Not My Ass, I also love this pic of Jayne Mansfield doing her shopping sheathed in black lycra, and the fact that the pineapples appear to be just 15¢/lb. I guess I'd say that despite the fact that it very much looks and feels as if something rabid bit a chunk off my hindquarters and I don't know html from my a-hole, I am in good spirits. Swoopy yellow logos, pineapples... this weekend it was in the mid-70's so I kneeled in the dirt sort of off to one side and pulled out crabgrass, foxgloves, great big satisfying clumps of oxalis from damp, loose soil and felt a little bit like this: Which is to say maybe I looked disgusting? Sweaty, sticky, sizzlin' & stinky, but I felt fanfreakingtastic nonetheless.

And then this. My new sponsor whose ad you will now see on my blog. Ciara Obscura: I love the name and I love, love her stuff, vintage inspired accessories with a modern edge. If I were to get married again, I would totally rock this hair piece made from Japanese style Kumo Shibori pleated silk ribbon.Not only are the designs beautiful, but a portion of profits goes directly to diverse, socially progressive and effective charitable organizations each year. Check it out here, and from now until April 30th receive 10% off everything on the website (except gift certificates) when you enter the super secret code PETUNIA33 at checkout.

Because I heart advertisers who love me for who I am, i.e. who neither care that I don't know a lick of html or that I write about my bum bum.

Like I said kids, a Happy Tuesday indeed.


Acanthus and Acorn said...

Congrats on the new sponser and your bum recovery!

S said...

but, don't you wish you could (just a little bit) that you too could shop sheathed in black lycra?

Ahh, well, a girl can dream. I guess being glamorous is a state of mind- I will strive to live in that state and try to not look down at my zip up and flip flops while wandering the aisles at the market.

Simply Mel said...

I would eat Taco Bell if happy yellow guy served me ~ awesome!

Judy said...

And here I am thinking that EVERYONE dons their sequined, form-fitting finery when shopping for pineapples! Guess I should reevaluate my Safeway attire. Now I wondering if all the looks I've gotten in Produce maybe weren't the "come-ons" and/or admiring glances I thought they were?! Well Damn!