Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beware the Ides of April

Tax day, sick day, same thing: death and taxes. Spent last night being thrown up on by Zoey, the three of us moving from bed to bed to couch, too sleepy to change the sheets. Woke up to blood splatter of stomach contents (yogurt, raisins, other), a sharp crick in my neck. Here is a pic of Zoey doing her taxes the other day, mimicking Bryan with pretend receipts in post-it pink and a studied look of concern. Can't write that off. (You know you're a mother when you think photos of your child doing taxes is cute, described vomit simply adorable.)
Saw this the other day and thought of you.
It's called The Insano, a 135ft waterslide in Brazil, the equivalent to sliding down a 14ft building at 60mph, aka I just peeped in my pants a little imagining the woooooshohfuck of it all.

Then this. Personally if I duct taped my seams and filled my jeans with helium I would have picked a nice open field, perhaps a flower bed in which to play Wright sister, but that's just me. (Admittedly, the vid looks a tad fake but I choose to overlook the various camera angles because it's fun and I find myself wondering how terribly difficult it would be to get my hands on a helium tank...)

So that's that kids. Live from a Wednesday afternoon watching Umizoomi on my belly belly belly screen. (Inside joke to those of you who might also be spending the day beneath a fort made of sheets with a tupperware bowl not far away.)

Death and taxes and all the xo's in between,


AppleTree said...

Can Zoey do my taxes too?

Jules said...

Not to say I am happy she is sick, but for a while I was wondering if my boys were magnets for stomach flues. Dare I say I am shocked it's not me writing this post? ;)

Excuse me...now I have to knock on wood, spit three times, spin in a circle, and pray 2045853 novenas.

Cindy said...

Poor little accountant Zoey. My taxes made me sick this year too.

That water slide? HELL to the no.
The helium-floating? OH yeah. But in a field of flowers.

Have fun with the laundry today. :(


Simply Mel said...

What's going around that these little loves are catching? My crumb came down with the vomit nightmare in the middle of the Nordstrom's shoe department (thankfully, the kids section)! Four spewing episodes of scrambled eggs and biscuits all over the carpet ending in a screeching cry for MAMA! OMG, let's just say that I will not be showing my face there again for a while, but thankfully, I didn't have to clean it up ~ never seen housekeeping work so quickly!

Richie Designs said...

all I can think about with that slide is water douch

sherri said...

Zoey's look of concentration and concern is priceless. If Zoey did everyone's taxes the world would be a cuter place. We might all get audited, but hey.

Up Mama's Wall said...

I think that helium video is a Levi's commercial, no?
Hope Zooey is feeling better.