Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why I Love My Husband (On a Tuesday)

Sometimes when I am going to the bathroom bathroom he draws cartoons of what he thinks is going on and pushes them through the crack beneath the door.

If I have a zit he calls it a star.

He stopped putting soy sauce on his popcorn because I hate it.

Yesterday, when I was feeling very much like this:
He emailed this video to me from the other room simply because he said the singer reminds him of me.

Now normally a girl might take offense to any comparison to blush striped into the hollow of a cheek, to leotards and purple gloves, to that hair. But last night I needed this, the reminder that I am a girl/woman who dances with her thumbs and elbows, knees--that I have knees that can actually jerk, a beat, that I've got my foot on the accelator. God, I am cheesy, but this is why I love my husband: when I need it he feeds me my spirit.

Plus, he stares at buildings with starfish eyes and never reads my blog.

May you all have somebody who sees you dance with abandon,


Nancy Fastenau said...

Ah yes, they do those wonderful things, don't they? Thanks for reminding me.

Cindy said...

I agree with Nancy -- thanks for the reminder. I adore my husband as well. And let me tell you, it took a long an painful road to find our way to each other.

I think it is filarious (f-ing hilarious) that cartoons get shoved under your bathroom door! LOL You must be a better sport than I am -- when my family bothers me when I'm in there, I tend to yell, "CAN'T YOU WAIT JUST 2 MINUTES?!"


Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

Oh I love sweet husbands (and thank God I have one daily). He sounds like an incredible guy.

Duel Living said...

Mine's a keeper for sure. He never calls me by my name...it's always just "Beautiful". Last night he told me I looked sexy while I was washing dishes. Yesterday...I hadn't brushed my teeth and he said I tasted good. Nobody else sees what he sees...thankfully...he seems to like it.

Vanessa said...

Isn't love grand? ❤

krista said...

mine rarely reads my blog. as in almost never.
maybe it's a bryan with a y thing.
that's something that i would have thought would bother me.
but it never does.

Anonymous said...

oooo, that bitoch is crazy!! (in the video)
hee hee

Richie Designs said...

Love it.

he gets 4 gold stars.

and the picture thing?...is kinda funny I may use that on my guy

benson said...

I was singing...I mean REALLY singing with GLEE last week (My Fair Lady/I could have danced all night) and my husband thought nothing of it :) Others may have called the looney bin.

jennxfactor said...

I related to the part that he doesn't even read your blog. My bf is the most supportive, amazing, encouraging person but does he read anything his writer gf writes? (Only if I beg.) Somehow tho, it really doesn't matter. Thanks for your post.

sherri said...

ok, your husband sounds amazing. i love that video, too. i regurlary act like a goofball around my husband and he around me and thanks for reminding me that is something to be thankful for.