Tuesday, January 12, 2010

In Mexico (Now Back)

In Mexico for a week and now my suitcase smells like beer, salt water, sunblock, and vaguely like somebody maybe crumbled cotija cheese into my clothes.
In Mexico, Zoey called every kid she saw either Dora or Diego depending on gender and general coif of the hair. Sshhh! I said, spreading zinc across my nose and wishing I didn't burn before all else. I like the way they pronounce my name there all slippery alveolar fricative sexy.
In Mexico I noticed that the people really seem to like uniforms, whistles, plastic bags for every purchase, that they pay no mind to overlapping music blaring horns, guitar, cumbia y salsa, todos más reggaetón. Although I am fairly neutral on uniforms I really despise whistles and music over music over people; plastic bags make me sad.
In Mexico I also learned that the people there like shouting woot! woot! while swimming. Though to be fair this might just apply to people from Chicago who just so happen to be vacationing in Mexico as each afternoon there was a water aerobics class populated mostly by a group from the windy city staying in Ixtapa for The Anglers Association of Something Fishy, and yes, I am aware that this is a run-on sentence no bueno, but honestly--a group of adults standing waist deep in a pool whilst circling their arms for an hour is a run-on sentence in and of itself, it just is. Woot! Woot! Patron Saint of Please: Don't Ever Let Me Say Woot Woot Outloud.
In Mexico I noticed that the people there seem to like sugar as much as I do, daquiris and helado, dulce de everything, gum, candy, fruit, horchata, the names nothing to be ashamed of with r's that roll right into my tummy to siesta, the sounds of it all, azúcar. Pesos seem like play money; I got an hour massage plus 30 minute facial for $45. Also? I stumbled my way through Spanish and received nothing but kindness. I bought this and it smells like spring.In Mexico I ate chilaquiles for breakfast, swam in the pool with Zoey, bodysurfed with Bryan in the ocean. All day long we sat in beach chairs and read, ordered cervezas, guacamole, swam, napped, read, swam, showered then went to dinner. At night I could not sleep because the piano bar in the hotel lounge played too loudly: Mariah Carey, Billy Joel, Dos Gardenias para ti... George Michaels.In Mexico I wished I could say mi amor without feeling like a fraud. ¿Listos? I said. Sin carne, no gracias, las ondas son hoy grandes, si. Sometimes I slipped, s'il vous plait. Still I called her sweetiepea, petunia face, chachi, love.

(My apologies for the craptastic comment moderation while I was gone. Internet at the hotel was you've got mail slow, and checking from my iphone meant "substantial roaming fees" which, quite frankly, scared the palm oil outta' me. I dropped a lot and deleted a few. ~Shannon? On the Sunshine post? I think? That was the sweetest comment and I hit reject rather than publish--mierda.~ Also--I'm turning on word verification only because I have to reject roughly 25 spam comments a day as I'm fairly certain you all don't care about cialiscialiscialis, Miley Cyrus nude or random words bolded like a Richie Rich comic book. If I am wrong just let me know and I'll forward them along...)


Sharon said...

Glad you are back!

Jen said...

Welcome home...Zoey just keeps getting more and more beautiful!!

miss. chief said...

mmm chilaquiles!! my favorite mexican breakfast.
The plastic bags are so out of control there, hey? I forgot about that! I bought a bag once and the guy was like "bolsa?" and i was all "umm I already have one" and laughed, and he didn't get why that was funny.

Anonymous said...

i love how amazon describes your new fragrance:
"Said to be a sexually attractive combination simulating pheromone found in men."
oooooh la la!!! xo, katie

krista said...

i'm going to start describing you as 'mixed with sexy musky accents.'
your perfume is most definitely you.
oh, and you had me at reggaeton.
and by 'had' i mean 'made me shudder.'

Duel Living said...

Glad you're back! The ol' USA isn't the same without you. Woot Woot!

Ms. Molly said...

ay, you make me miss Mexico. I want a vacation now!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Yay your back! Next time you go on vacation I think it's only fair that you take us along with you. Then you don't have to worry about those pesky roaming fees!

Love the pics!

Simply Mel said...

Zoey es muy guapa y su mama es loco fabuloso!

Judy said...

O.k.....I was already jealous enough of your getting to go to Mexico, all expenses paid right after Xmas.....but NOW....now you have nudged my jealousy meter right over the top...to the I-Can't-Take-It-Anymore-I'm about-To-Start-Hitting-People-Zone...and you know why? It's Zoey's pink cowgirl hat...that's what it is. Bad enough that I am trapped in go to work every day and you'll never again ever go on a vacation....bad enough that even in the direct sun both you and Zoey's skin looks muy mucho fantastico but the effing adorable and very much coveted pink cowgirl hat is just way too much for me to stand. Life is NOT fair. Oh, I can bear the no vacation, the terrible/awful Shingles episode that has me writhing in agony as I go to work every day but what I CAN NOT STAND is that I do not have Zoey's hat!
Love but sort of conditional right now....Mom/Grandma Glitter

Are we on for pedicures this weekend?

JackeeG4glamorous said...

Your Mexican vacation looks/sounds like my Mexican vacation.

Are you my avitar?
Am I yours? Did we vacation at the same resort?

Secretly, I think all the resorts are the same.

It's lovely to do nothing isn't it?

Rolerkite said...

you're daughter is beautiful. If you could bottle and sell the secret to those eyelashes, you could own a Mexico.

kathleen said...

Your daughter is so beautiful.* Love these photos and secretly love that she called all the children Dora and Diego.

I have nannied for the last 812 years, give or take a few, so when I say your daughter is beautiful, I mean it.