Thursday, July 23, 2009

Milky Crystal Reflections on a Foggy Thursday Morning

I grew up in a house with windows fringed in faceted crystals. In the afternoon light the avocado green of the linoleum kitchen floor would be fairly cut with rainbows and I would stand by the fridge to bathe my toes indigo. When my brother left for college my mother really got into crystals--she bought a quartz singing bowl and would run the suede stick around the inside edge to produce low vibrating sounds that I could feel in my throat. (This accompanied by the poodle she got should have warned me that my parents were about to get divorced, but that's another story for another time on a day that we are not discussing rose quartz.)
Cue the Zamfir.
In the past when I have written about my new house I have received comments with lots of exclamation points and CAPS telling me to shut it with the woe is me and to volunteer. I don't so much feel those in my throat as I feel them in my butt. They suck. But you see I am from Marin, not so much the new Marin of Range Rovers but the old Marin of hot tubs and bead freaks. Not to get all Sequoia NaNa on you, but here we take our hippie shit veeery seriously, and the other day while gardening I found a large milky chunk of rose quartz crystal in my front yard.
Here I have taken a photo of it with my garden Buddha and Zoey's My Pretty Ponicorn. It seemed appropriate at the time.

I looked up rose quartz online and in the wise words of a gal named Whitehorse Woman: Rose quartz soothes negative influences and allows you to know your true self through opening up your 4th chakra. I'm not really sure what that means but I like the sound of it and will listen to anyone named Whitehorse Woman, (although WhitePonicorn Woman would have really gotten my attention).

So that's that. My house has been blessed by pink crystals. Zoey likes to hold it in her hand and say Namaste, mostly because it makes me laugh.

And in slightly unrelated news: The other day on the phone, in a fit of missing her granddaughter, my mom told Zoey that anytime she looked in the mirror that she, Grandma Glitter, would be staring back at her. And now Zoey is afraid to look in the mirror. Which is pretty much how I feel all the time because now I kinda' want a singing bowl. But not a poodle, and totally not a divorce.
The End.


krista said...

i'm totally jealous of your foggy morning. and finding crystals in your garden. i don't have any idea what crystals mean and i sure don't want a poodle but i totally get the desire.

Simply Mel said...

This would be the ultimate treasure find for me! And I love that Zoey holds it and says Namaste...the crystal is blessed (and yes, I am a bit fruit and granola too).

Oonafey said...

Our fireplace is made entirely of pink & purple crystal quartz and sulphur. It's pretty crazy. The people who built our house in the 50's must have been ahead of their time... There is a picture on my blog, if you want to check it out.

Judy said...

Rose Quartz and Slander.....I have on my brave-oh-no-she-didn't-just announce-that-I freaked-out-my-Zoey face right now while, with stiff upper lip, I remark on your amazing earth present, i.e. a chunka-chunka burnin' love Rose Quartz. Wow, don't you just love when you get an unexpected present? If I had to name a crystal that would be you, Sus, it would be Rose Quartz. It's called the Love Stone because it is connected to the heart, the 4th chakra and it's all about love....self-love. enhancing love, forgiveness, helping one accept love from others. It allows one to communicate with their own spirit guides...and, strange that you bring up The Divorce in this post but it is also the stone that helps heal the wounded child and resolves childhood traumas. I don't know anyone any better at loving than you, my sweet. Oh, and it prevents wrinkles also! What's not to like? Best of all you didn't have to plunk down $350 bucks for that sizeable crystal, the Earth just gave it to you and Zoey because it is yours.

I ASKED Zoey if she ever saw me, Grandma Glitter, in her magic, pink mirror and her answer was a delighted and very enthusiastic, "Yes!" So, I told her that next time she saw me in her mirror, I'd be waving, jumping up and down and saying, "I love you Zoey!" You said that she sat at her mirror a lot having conversations with herself and imaginary people. Please tell Zoey that Grandma Glitter is grounded in SF and will never be able to visit her again in her's a Grandma Glitter Free Zone from now on.

Oh, and I wanted a Standard Poodle for as long as I can remember. It just dawned on me later in life that, as an adult, I actually could have one if I wanted and I did.

And, weird crystal story....I don't know if you even knew this but the firt "singing bowl" I brought home was huge. I had tried it at the office and the sound was fantastic. The first time I brought it home (to Stuyvesant) and tried to play it, it exploded into many pieces the minute before it began to really hum. Think I don't know that the karma there in that house wasn't all that great?

Scribe said...

Love the whole crystal post, Susannah. You, your family and your new abode are totally blessed.

I nominated you for two awards on my web site. Check it out. I'm new to the whole blogging thing and was quite surprised when Akilah sent me a nod. So, I'm sending one to you because I follow you daily.

Kacey said...

Hi,I just wanted to say that I think you are perfectly justified in mourning the loss of your old home.You worked for and earned it and u loved it and thats normal.I think it sucks that people think they have the right to tell you how you should feel about something or how you should handle a situation.If your upset about leaving ur old house than be upset,and if you dont want to "volunteer" than dont,you are ur own person and the last time I checked this is a free country where we have the right to do and feel what we want,so dont let them get you down Susannah.I cant speak for anyone else but the joy and laughter that your blog brings to me(and prob alot of others)is equal to all the "voluntering" those others want you to do.Not to mention the fact that your doing a beautiful job raising your precious daughter,and if you do nothing else that would be enough.K

Kirsten @ Apotheca said...

I've been meaning to comment on the absurdity of those readers who demanded to know where you volunteer your time. How cowardly and self-righteous to hide behind an anonymous handle and make demands of someone who consistently provides all and sundry with damn good reading material, every day, for free. I just plunked down $20 for Joyce Carol Oates' new book and even so I don't think that gives me the right to demand to know if she gives her all to Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Manhattan or wherever.

On another topic, if I ever have a daughter she stands a good chance of being named Sequoia Na-Na.