Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Simply Cawn't: Zoey's Guide to Saying No

I am simply falling apart today. Really rawther tired tired tired!
Coming unraveled, it would seem. It started with a traffic jam, then an office full of work requests. (Can you believe? The gall?) Of course it's nothing a little nibble on a Nutter Butter won't solve, nom nom, ne temps fait pas!

A crumpet perhaps on my velvet settee apr├Ęs work, followed by a quick skibble of lipstick before scampering off to bed!

I simply cawn't post today! 'Til tomorrow!


I *Heart* You said...

this looks like Grey Gardens for the preschool set. love it, Zoey, dahling.

Jules said...

I hear ya. Hope your day tomorrow is better. :)

Jill said...

How come I feel the same way and I haven't done anything but drink my coffee and surf the web today?

Robin said...

mmm, nutter butters.

She is too adorable!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness she is totally adorable...I bet she acts a lot like her mother :)

Anonymous said...

De-lurking for a minute to say that these photos somehow remind me of what I've read about your Mom. They're very Roz Russell/Auntie Mame and that's the way I picture "Grandma Glitter". Am I close or way off crazy?
Where IS your Mom anyway-missing her even while hiding out in the shadows. Zoey is way too cute but so are you.
Back to my lurking corner.