Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Heart SGM

She had me at US Weekly. (Yes, I know it is really Us (little 's') Weekly but when I capitalize both the U and the S it makes me feel like I am reading U.S. Weekly which sounds vaguely newsy and highbrow. Say it with me, a little nasal twinge in your voice, perhaps a British BBC accent, US Weekly: Celebrity News from Around the Globe).
Recently I participated in I Suwannee's Summer Swap Extravaganza (again, I'm taking artistic license with the name) and I happened to luck the eff out by getting paired with Emily of Scented Glossy Magazine. Because if ever there were a blogger out there that I want to be, or failing actually taking over her body, her sense of humor and her voice, that I want to simply befriend, it is SGM. She is the Ebony to my Ivory, the Elizabeth to my Jessica.

SGM, take note: I am totally fine with being the Ebony if you prefer Ivory, with being the Elizabeth should you fancy yourself the Jessica. All's I'm trying to say here is that I am honored to have been paired with you. I would totally dump Todd Wilkins for you, blow off Bruce Patman and let you drive the little red Fiat whenever you wanted, just so long as we both wore identical gold lavalier necklaces.
So the other day I finally got my package from my soul sister of the blogging world and it felt as if I were away at Camp Bloggapoopoo and receiving a care package from my mom. Although I never really went away to summer camp like that. Instead my parents sent me to the Point Reyes Environmental Camp where we learned to pull apart dried owl scat to see what the owl had eaten the night before. Yeah. Anyhoo. So I got the package and there it was:

Magazines. A book. Chocolate (for realism's sake I must admit this is NOT the actual bag of SGM M&M's. I ate them immediately and had to replace them for the photo). A yummy smelling candle. Cute post-its for my new job. A darling bird card. A glittery ring for Zoey. Again, for realism's sake I must admit that the ring is not featured in the above photo. Zoey immediately grabbed the ring and disappeared into her own little world where she is a princessballerinakittycatringwearingsoftpuffofsingsongsweet. Now I cannot find the ring. I fear she may have eaten it, so in love with it was she. With each diaper change I fully expect to see a bright orange plastic bauble shining up at me.
Thank you, SGM, for that. For everything. For the awesome swap package, for the even awesomer blog post you did for me yesterday. Thank you for making me laugh every day with your awesomeness. I will totally be your lesbian lover, sight unseen, should we both ever decide to go lesbionic. In the meantime, you will remain my most favoritest blogger, my soul mate of the internets, my Wakefield twin in this sweet, Sweet Valley of the www.


Misplaced Country Girl said...

I would totally go lesbian for anyone that sent me magazines. Also sight unseen. You make it seem romantic though.

Ana said...

oh my God...I hadn't thought about Todd Wilkins in decades.....
I would love SGM too!

zakary said...

Um, don't forget that we are totally going to see The Droids later this weekend.

I think Ken Matthews is picking us up.

karey m. said...

oh, me too! the way i feel about sgm?

like she's my brotha from anotha motha. totally.

SGM said...

Aw! You guys!

Susannah, I am totally happy with being ebony. And either one of the Wakefield twins. How did you know that I LOVE 80's young adult fiction?!

Let's get matching outfits. And a dance routine! With top hats. I'll work on it.

Thank you for all of the sweet things you said. I am still giddy over everything you sent me. Giddy!


I *Heart* You said...

you guys are such cuteness. and in the event ebony and ivory ever had a little sister named oh i don't know, grey....i'm your gal. :)