Friday, June 6, 2008

Two Things I Hate and One That I Love: What More Do You Want From Me? It's Friday!

You know what I hate? I hope you're not all thinking "uh, you hate your old job?" because even I know that is getting old. No, I hate the conditioner that comes with at-home hair color kits. You know, the 6 week supply of high gloss crème that's designed to keep your color looking fresh, the one they package in a tube the size of a ketchup packet? For chrissakes, they can't even call it CREAM and then they go and dole out a few tablespoons of spooge, not enough to even get me through one shower. Six weeks, my ass. Maybe if I were Susan Powter circa 1994. Stop the Insanity, Clairol!
You know what else I hate? I hate my internet connection and that stupid error message I keep getting: 404 Not Found. The page you have requested cannot be found. Really? Really, Internet Explorer?! Because if I repeatedly punch the Enter button a few times and call you a little bitch, why! Look at that! You found the page I requested!
And I can't just blame Internet Explorer, either. Mozilla's being a real poop lately, too.
But I can't start the weekend with hate.
Because sometimes you find love in the most unexpected of places:

Image via Cute Overload.


Jessie said...

Ugh. Know what I hate?!

HOTEL SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER!!! (And I'm not talking about the kind from The Holiday Inn, either. We're talking Fairmont-Montage-Four Seasons.)

Not kidding. It is the bain of my existance. The shampoo must actually be diluted dishwashing detergent, because it dries out my hair and tangles it up like nobody's business. The conditioner doesn't help AT ALL with the tangles, and it just makes it impossible to blow dry and look like I've slicked it with baby oil. Yuck.

Even the "Aveda" and "Paul Mitchell" products that they claim are super sucky.

I'd take a tube of hairdye condish, any day.

Petunia Face said...

Oh Jessie! You found me! I feel like a lost hiker, tired and dirty, hungry and going just a little bit crazy! Since deleting the OG Petunia Face I've been painstakingly putting this one together, bit by blown apart bit. I've never been so happy to see a familiar face. :)

Thanks for being the first comment on the new (and not so improved) Petunia Face.

karey m. said...


Jennifer said...

You're back. Yay!

Sarah's Fab Day said...

I honestly was saying WTF to myself when I couldn't find you. Thank goodness you didn't desert us, I'm so glad!